Casual Christmas Party Style

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It’s that time of the year–holiday party time! There are, of course, many different kinds of holiday parties as well as many corresponding ways to dress for each of them. Today we’re focusing on a casual holiday get-together with friends and featuring a no-nonsense, ruggedly stylish look featuring one of the season’s staples–the tartan plaid shirt.

The holidays are a time for nostalgia and, for me, no article of clothing hits that note more than a blue/green tartan (or black watch plaid) shirt. I have fond childhood Christmastime memories of sitting in our family room, fireplace blazing, and watching old movies with my father in his favorite black watch plaid flannel shirt. Isn’t it interesting how clothing can evoke those types of memories?

To be honest, although I love the cold weather and the thought of flannel, my body tends to run very, very hot. And flannel–at least when worn up top–is generally a one-way ticket to sweating profusely, which completely counteracts the fabric’s comfort factor.


Hello! I’m Erika Shohn

Hello my name is Amili. I’m a whiter and treller/ Love to impress myself and share it with my frienfs. follow me to see amzing worl with me.

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